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 Welcome to Dr. Alan Sikes Holistic/Behavioral Optometrist services serving Northern Virginia and located in Burke VA, where we put your vision and well-being first.  We offer a wide range of eye-related services  Please call our office to schedule a consultation appointment, and we'll address your needs.  With over 40 years of experience in the optometry field, we are prepared to ensure you are cared for with the best service. We invite you to peruse our website with eye care-related information.

Please read the facts about vision worksheet prior to your appointment.


Level 1.   Advanced Conventional  - A more comprehensive holistic, 1 hour + vision analysis than the customary conventional 'eye exam."

Level 2.   Preventive - Techniques prescribed to stop, or slow down near sightedness; ward off beginning eye coordination problems and enhance vision development.

Level 3.  Remedial-Enhancement - Includes Level 2 Care plus vision training therapy to remediate vision problems that often affect learning, comfort, etc.  Vision Therapy often improves or corrects eye problems such as "lazy" or "crossed eyes."


Developmental Behavioral Vision Care

●   Vision Exams (1 hour +)

●   Contact Lens Fitting

●   Vision Training Therapy:

         - Learning related vision disabilities

         - ADD/ADHD/Autism etc.

         - Lazy eye (Amblyopia)

         - Turned and deviated eyes                          (Strabismus)

         - Sports vision training and                          enhancement

         - Stroke, closed head injuries, etc.

●   Vision Health & Nutrition Coach

●   Second Opinion Consultations

●   Lasik Pretest, Follow Up Care and              Surgery Consultation

●   Fill Prescriptions from other sources