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Dr. Alan Sikes

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What to expect from a vision exam with Dr. Sikes?

This is not your typical 30 minute eye exam.  Plan on being with the Dr. at least 2 hours for Adults and 90 minutes for children for a thorough holistic exam.  Dr. Sikes walks through your medical history, medications you are taking and provides you tips on keeping your eyes healthy.  The highlights of the exam includes visual acuity test, color and depth perception, peripheral vision, retinal, glaucoma and pupil dilation.  Bring  a pair of sunglasses for your ride home and a snack for yourself and children.

Vision Therapy in Burke


Optometrist services in Burke

We welcome everyone to our office to fill prescriptions from other doctors.  With all the choices in lenses and eyeglasses, we believe it is important to get fitted correctly by a doctor who ensures your prescription (lenses and frames) enhances your eyesight. 

Fill Prescriptions

Considering Lasik? The first step is a vision exam where the doctor determines your candidacy for the eye laser surgery. Good candidates have the chance to ask questions about the Lasik procedure and the doctor refers them to a qualified Lasik center for the surgery. After the surgery, the doctor performs the follow up exams. 

Lasik, Pretest, Follow-Up Care, Surgery Consultation

Every year, Dr. Sikes sees many patients for a second consultation. A second opinion offers an independent review of your situation, vision care options vs. aggressive options, and individualized treatment suggestions utilizing innovative holistic and developmental therapies.

Second Consultation

Source: National Agriculture Library, U.S. Department of Agriculture

Key Nutrients for Eyes

Vision health is not just about getting your eyes examined by an Optometrist; it includes eating health promoting foods in the colors of the rainbow at every meal and that contains Vitamin A, Carotenoids, Vitamin C, and Bioflavins. For example; Foods that contain natural red pigments, like tomatoes, provides lycopene, an antioxidant that enhances eyesight and fights cancer: tomato-based foods (higher in cooked than raw), watermelon and pink grapefruit.

Good nutrition fuels your body, contributes to healthy eyes and can even influence how your mind functions.

Vision Health and Nutrition

Sports Vision Testing

Sports vision tests and training helps athletes determine how well their eyes perform beyond the ability to see objects and letters clearly on eye exam charts. A sports vision and behavioral training program is individualized and  custom designed by the doctor to meet your specific needs and goals. Depending on your sport and results of comprehensive eye testing, you may need training that will help you with skills such as anticipating the trajectory of a bouncing ball.

Contact Lens Fitting

We break up our contact lens fittings based on the complexity of the fit. This depends on the patient’s prescription and visual needs. Some common contact lens fittings include soft lenses, rigid gas permeable lenses, monovision as well as bifocal lenses. The contact lens fitting is based upon the data collected from your eye exam.

Fitting Fee

This is a private training session with Dr. Sikes whom provides you with the proper techniques needed to successfully insert and remove your contact lenses. This session also provides you with extensively written instructions for proper handling, caring, and cleaning of your lenses. It is our goal to have you completely confident in your ability to handle all aspects of wearing contact lenses prior to leaving the office with the lenses. The instruction can range anywhere from 15 minutes to 45 minutes depending on how easily you can insert or remove the lens. This is a onetime only fee. Patients are welcome to return for more instruction at no additional charge.

Routine yearly vision exams are very important, because many abnormalities are treatable if discovered early. A number of abnormalities do not have noticeable symptoms and can only be diagnosed by a thorough holistic vision exam.  Dr. Sikes exams are comprehensive and include several different tests and procedures that other eye care providers do not have in their routine exams.

When you schedule an appointment it is important that you briefly state any vision issues you may be experiencing. On the vision exam day, bring a list of the medications you are taking, your contact lens specifications and all the optical devices you are currently using. 

Should you have any glasses that you would like to recycle, bring those in to because we work with the Lions Club to provide them for those in need.


Schedule a vision exam with Dr. Sikes to enjoy good vision throughout your life.